Behavioural Tools

What tools do you have at your
disposal to make an investment decision, at the moment?

Quanteviour is a specific investment process. It bounds “the modern portfolio theory” and “the valuation models rationality” to the  systematic analysis  of informations which make it possible to take the market psychological status into consideration.

Assets valuation (considered individually or together) steadily moves away from the fundamental equilibrium price, as it’s emphasized by valuation models.

The way an investor perceives the market or a share plays an important role over the short and medium term, whereas over the long run, Fundamentals always take over .

The information which is linked to the market psychology enables to arbitrate some of those gaps, in the short term. But above all ensures that the portfolio is adjusted in time, in order to benefit from longer trends and cycles.

The diagram hereunder illustrates the steps that enable Quanteviour to widen the field of vision and better understand the reality of influenced investors, in order to get a better assessment of risks and opportunities.



Benefits of the Quanteviour integrated approach

  •  Leading indicators in the short/middle term
  •  Timing optimization and reliability of decisions
  •  Adjustment of the portfolio in time to profit from financial trends
    generated by psychological factors