The Quanteviour SIGNALS subscription plan is intended for investors willing to invest via short term Buy and Sell signals. The signals are clearly identifiable and can be used by both private and professional investors.

By subscribing to this module, which focuses on short-term behavioural signals, you gain access to a set of exclusive tools that are directly useful in your daily life as an investor looking for opportunities.

These tools allow you to refine your timing and confirm an emerging trend by comparing several variables, such as the dynamics of a stock and its respective sector.

Here are the available categories:

    1.   Major Indices
    2.   Sector Indices Europe
    3.   Consumer Stocks Europe
    4.   Financial Stocks Europe
    5.   Defensive Stocks Europe
    6.   Cyclical Stocks  Europe
    7.   Big Cap USA
    8.   Growth Stocks USA
    9.   Bitcoin
Using our short term behavioural Indicators is nothing less than easy.

Take 1 minute of your time to get through the video.

All stocks, indices, shares, currencies have their own indicator in red at the bottom of the chart.

A shape surrounds the area which presents an interesting development. The expected direction is positive if the circle is black or negative in case of a red circle. If nothing interesting develops, then the observed instrument is categorised as neutral.


The textbook case of Bitcoin signals

Sentiment Indicators, Week Highlight

Major Indices

Individual Stocks